Misery for Dental Patients

If, like us you’ve had toothache during lockdown, you’ll know that dentists are currently not able to do much for now.

Dental surgeries throughout Scotland are almost all closed, offering advice and non aerosol procedures only, such as tooth extraction.

Don’t suffer in silence if you have toothache. Phone your local surgery who will be able to triage and remotely offer advice and even prescribe painkillers. Leaving toothache too long can be serious with pain manifesting in ears, jaws and headaches.

Having had toothache since 20th March, it developed into infection which took several courses of antibiotics to shift, leaving just the toothache again. Over 60 days of toothache 24/7, I tell you is NOT pleasant!

Unfortunately, if you have toothache too, it’s not looking like that dentists will open fully anytime soon. Dentists are scheduled to reopen in phase three of the Scottish government (potentially July), with Dr Jeyabalan telling BBC Radio Scotland there are still protocols to clarify on patient and staff safety.

Do not attempt any DIY dentistry during lockdown, is the clear message from Dr Jeyabalan, who warns: “You are only going to make it worse and give us a bigger problem to treat”.

At the moment, advice is available over the phone (via your regular dentist) and you may be referred to an urgent care hub for any emergency work She reckons surgeries will begin treating emergencies and such patients with toothache before resuming normal services and check ups.

Have YOU been affected by the closure of dentists during lockdown? Any toothache?


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