Our 20,000 Milestone

YEAH! We’ve reached a bit of a milestone tonight reaching 20,000.

Not 20,000 likes or followers (though that figures not far off!), not £20,000 raised for Blantyre good causes (for that’s actually £31,202)……no this is another different 20,000.

Incredibly, tonight we’ve posted our 20,000th article on Blantyre Telegraph since the Telegraph started on 25th September 2011!!! Twenty THOUSAND articles…and thats not counting shared posts of others!

We don’t have fleets of reporters, nor offices, just plain old fashioned motivation and effort. As a non profit volunteering entity, all these articles have been posted for FREE for YOUR information helping make Blantyre Telegraph a leading source of news for this town.

Importantly, NOT ONE PENNY has ever been taken by ourselves for this endeavour. Daily local news brought to you as accurately and sensitively as possible, often as it happens, many of our articles are scheduled in our spare time at evenings, lunch breaks and weekends before and after our normal day job. What started out as a hobby has evolved into something bigger and reaching out not just to Blantyre and surrounding towns, but to expats in all corners of the world! We’ve also been very particular in choosing which stories to feature and achieved a good sense of when its appropriate or not to post.

Please do feel free to hit the review button and leave a quick recommendation.

Of course, the REAL success of Blantyre Telegraph is YOU all! Kind people who quickly send in or share stories or photos. The people who like, comment, share and engage with our articles. It says a lot how little admin work Blantyre Telegraph needs despite a readership of nearly 20,000 people, how friendly and popular the page is and what a large network of contacts now surround it!

We’ve a BIG year in 2021 approaching our first decade and our local fundraising efforts will continue at a pace. Meantime, thank you for your patience, loyalty and continued interest.


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