Police Incident at the Village

A serious police incident at the end of Station Road in the Village has been unfolding for most of the day.

Blantyre has been buzzing with sirens on and off today. Police have been on the scene near Fagan Court at the Village, Blantyre since around 7am this morning, Friday 29 May 2020. They quickly taped off the area this morning and it became clear to residents nearby a serious incident had taken place. Residents in Fagan Court were asked by plain clothes officers not to drive out from their homes, but are still allowed out to walk out and about. Forensic officers arrived.

The nature of the incident was unknown and we will not be posting about speculative messages received throughout the day. The matter was serious enough to close off the road.

What is known is that Police officers set up cameras to record the scene outside the houses, placing crime scene markers on the ground outside in the residents carpark. This was still ongoing late this afternoon.

An area to be avoided for now until Police do their work. We hope everybody involved is ok. Thanks to various residents for sending in their photos today.


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