Calderside Prom Blues

School kids have missed out on so much this last term and today, for many 6th year pupils, it was yet another reminder of that.

Today, 4th June was supposed to be the Prom Night of Calderside Academy pupils and its true to say, due to its cancellation, there’s a few glum faces in Blantyre tonight.

After missing on awards, sports days, field trips, concerts and exams, these teenagers have missed out also on their party prom night which they had been so looking forward to.

Many of them and their parents feel the school has let them down. After teacher promises made back in March that they wouldn’t be forgotten and the prom should be scheduled, instead the school have cancelled the function outright rather bluntly by newsletter making it clear it can’t be rescheduled even next year.

The school intend to refund deposits previously collected. However, its left many parents out of pocket who have already paid for dresses, suits and transport. Tonight, expensive new prom dresses remain hanging in wardrobes. Not to mention the disappointment of the teenagers.

Its understood by all that the pandemic meant the function wouldn’t proceed, but its left many feeling annoyed that it was cancelled outright , rather than postponed or pushed safely into the next year.
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