Happy Birthday William Monaghan

We only posted birthdays in lockdown to spread some cheer and had stopped given the amount of requests, but this particular man has a very special birthday and has had a tough time of late. So for this post only, we’re making an exception.

Happy 90th Birthday to Blantyre man, William Monaghan who celebrates his special day today, 4th July 2020. It’s been a tough year for him and difficult today having to cancel the planned big birthday party. Family from all over the world were supposed to be there today including from America, Canada and Malta. With flights cancelled because of covid his big reunion isn’t going ahead just yet.

William also tragically lost a family member to cancer which had a profound affect on him. Being in isolation for so long recently with nobody to directly comfort him has been difficult to say the least. So, knowing he is loved by many people, including of course his wonderful family, we wish William all the very best today, congratulations and hope he has a great day. Family and friends are all asking for him.


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