Life Saving Actions in Public Park

A story of local kindness and heroic actions has come to us today. But the hero is unknown, so we need your help in finding her.

Catherine (Rena) Davner took a bad fall outside Asda in the early hours of the morning, just before the weekend there. Falling hard, the clasp in her hair pressed into her skull and split her head open. The scene was a dangerous and bloody one as she lay on the pavement alone.

We’re told a girl appeared and took prompt action. She phoned the emergency services and waited with Rena until they arrived.

Rena told us, “I was really drowsy and in shock with the blood loss. But could still hear this girl getting agitated because the ambulance had not come and she appeared really worried. She checked my pulse twice and did everything the ambulance crew told her to do over the phone. This all happened at the lights just inside the park, just across from Asda.”

Rena continued, “The doctor later told me if she had not found me when she did I might not be here to tell the tale! I had to get staples for the wound and there was a lot off blood. I think she saved my life and I would be very grateful if you could put this up on the page in an appeal for anybody who may know her. I just want to say thanks but unsure if she even stays in Blantyre. “

Do YOU know more? Please comment below and we’re sure Rena will be in touch. Well done to the woman who took such prompt actions and for being in the right place at the right time!


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