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BIG changes are coming to Facebook next week! For those who haven’t seen this yet, the whole layout of your Facebook Profile and News feed is about to change…..permanently.

It affects individuals, business pages and groups. Over the last year Facebook has been working hard to combine code on its phone platforms to give a similar look and feel on tablets and computers.

If you access facebook from tablets and computers, you’ll see a difference. Gone is the small text and layout which has generally unchanged for several years. In its place is now a more simplistic format with chunkier graphics.

Its going to be rolled out to everybody on facebook next week, but many people have it already and will soon be unable to switch between the versions.

We’ve had the new version for over a week and have to say, it’s not going well. A review follows, which is of course just our opinion. You may not agree and perhaps even like the new version?!

As seen from our example graphic there are large areas of wasted space on screen, forcing text and typing into small squashed and condensed boxes in less than a third of the screen. Adverts appear on all pages at the upper right. The menus on the left are generally not customisable and neither can you resize the font, graphics or columns, having to put up with that wasted space.

Reading news is abysmal. Instead of three posts or so on screen, you have one, forcing additional scrolling. Messaging is just as bad now only permitting one chat window open at any time, forcing you to close it to open another chat. Loading times for us are significantly slower with a general user unfriendliness at every turn. You can probably tell we’re not a fan. Positives? Sorry. We couldn’t find even one.

Have your say. What about you all? If you have your new version already, how are you getting on? Like the new format?

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