Meeting People From Monday

Guidelines on rules to meet people inside and outdoors will change in Scotland from tomorrow, Monday 14 September 2020.

Important: For South Lanarkshire including Blantyre currently under localised lockdown the rules are slightly different. Here:

For rest of Scotland in any area not under localised lockdown, restrictions on meeting people will be implemented. In particular, the number of people permitted to meet both indoors and outdoors will change. Previously, if you recall a total of 15 people from up to five households could meet outside while eight people from three households could gather together indoors.

But from tomorrow (Monday), this will now be tightened to no more than 6 people from 2 households both in and outdoors.

The new rules will apply in people’s homes and gardens. They will also apply as well within hospitality environments and in public spaces, such as parks. 

It will mean, groups of any more than 6 people (aged 12 or more) will NOT be permitted. The rules appear designed to curb house parties and outdoor large gatherings.

Unlike England, Children under the age of 12 will NOT be counted in this new figure of 6, so you will be able to take young kids round to a friend’s house without worrying about breaking limits.

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