Public Thank You

Blantyre Telegraph reader, Glenda Young would like to issue a public thank you to the people who helped get her lost iphone back.

On 30th September, Glenda was at Londis (Post Office) when she noticed immediately afterwards she didn’t have her phone. She checked back in the shop 3 times to no avail but persisted knowing she had it when she came in.

Her son suggested the staff should check the CCTV and there on camera was a thief lifting her phone! The man was known to Londis Staff and they managed to contact his brother, who ‘persuaded’ the thief to return the phone, or else to expect a police visit.

The phone was returned (minus the SIM card, which was useless to anybody). Glenda would like to say thanks for the help she got that day, especially from the staff at Londis who went out their way to help.

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