Road to Recovery

Now here’s a wonderful story to get the weekend underway! Remember young Mason Bruce, the brave Blantyre teenager who won the first ever Blantyre Oscars? Well, Mason now has now landed himself a job!

To his families shock and concern, it was discovered that Mason (11) had a brain tumour in 2015. Doctors operated and after 7 weeks in the Children’s hospital in Glasgow, his tumour was thankfully classified as benign.

His recovery was slow and steady, fuelled by a longing to return to sports and school. A few years later in 2017, over 6,000 people voted in the first ever Blantyre Oscars with Mason’s story winning outright. His bravery, positivity and determined attitude setting an example to many others.

Now, in October 2020, we’re pleased to say Mason has secured himself a job in retail in Blantyre.

His proud mother, Julie told us, “I’m SO chuffed. The Oscars served him well and I would like people to know he’s doing well. I’m having such a proud mum moment!

We wish Mason all the very best in his new employment.

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