Monitoring your Child’s Youtube Activity

Do you know what your child is watching on Youtube?

YouTube modernized access to digital media and this popular video sharing website is used by people of all ages. Many parents rely on YouTube to entertain or instruct their children and while this works for many, there is a lot of troubling content on YouTube that masquerades as kid-friendly.

YouTube has everything: children’s shows, toy reviews, video game footage interlaced with player commentary (known as “Let’s Plays”), and so much more. YouTube’s content creators are more than eager to provide content that appeals to young children. The official Peppa Pig YouTube account, for instance, streams episodes of the show live for free.

But don’t expect everything to be kid-friendly. Plenty of malicious and racy content can be found on YouTube. While users have the ability to “flag” objectionable videos and YouTube offers a kids’ mode, these solutions aren’t perfect.

Among the kid-friendly channels, it’s important to know how to recognize any questionable content your child might be exposed to on YouTube. There are countless channels that appear harmless on the surface, however, a deeper look will reveal how disturbing the content actually is.

The only way to ensure safe browsing for very young children is to be aware of what they are watching.

  • Download Youtube Kids, a safe app with no malicious content.
  • Let them watch without headphones so you can listen in on.
  • Check their video history from time to time.
  • Understand the current trends when it comes to questionable content (more on this later).
  • Encourage them to watch channels that you know are kid-friendly.

Safety Detectives website has a great list of things to keep your children safe online. More can be read here:

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