Lanarkshire: Scotland’s Covid Hotspot

It’s official, Lanarkshire is now Scotland’s main Covid Hotspot.

Things are not looking good this week with the Scottish Government now considering placing North and South Lanarkshire under the highest level of Covid restriction.

The leaked letter to Cosla says decisions have yet to be made, but that level four restrictions are currently being considered for North and South Lanarkshire.

What are the level four restrictions?

Level four is the closest to a full lockdown, similar to the one introduced in March. It will only be used if “absolutely necessary”, at a time when cases were very high and there was a risk of the NHS being overwhelmed.

Last week, NHS Lanarkshire said it was treating more patients for Covid in its hospitals than at the height of the first wave of the pandemic.

If imposed, Socialising would not be allowed in people’s homes, but six people from two households could still meet outdoors and there would be no limit on outdoor exercise.

Other steps would include a ban on non-essential travel, guidance to stay at home, and the closure of all hospitality premises, hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, leisure centres and gyms.

However, schools would remain open.

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