NHS Dental Services Resuming

From tomorrow, Monday 2nd November 2020, all routine dental services such as fillings, scaling and root canal can be performed on the NHS in Scotland for the first time since lockdown in March!

Aerosol-generating procedures (AGPs) have been banned on the health service amid fears over viral transmission, with patients requiring emergency care referred to community hubs.

With such a demand to get dentistry underway again, there will of course still be restrictions. Dentists will be limited to seeing 10 patients and performing a maximum of five AGPs per day on the NHS.

They must wear full PPE, including respirator masks when drilling, and allow a one hour ‘fallow period’ from the time the drill stops so the particles released into the air can settle. Further cleaning regimes will add time to the gap between seeing patients.

The news will be welcome for many people (especially those holding out for fillings), but we should all be mindful, it is far from normality and patients should expect waiting times. Additionally, frequent routine check ups will likely not be on the agenda for some time.

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