Graffiti Clean Up Sorted

Remember that disgusting mess somebody spray painted on to the old Kirkyard wall early this morning? Well, it’s been cleaned off now. All sorted.

As darkness fell this evening, a group of very kind volunteers from Blantyre Old Parish Church sprang into action, cleaning off the vile graffiti from the old cemetery wall. Their names? Anonymous,…..cleaned by god’s own team.

We reported earlier how some sad individual painted graffiti on the old wall, much to the disgust of the community. We were deluged by messages about this today, from concerned residents in case the families of bereaved people saw the selfish message.

This latest brainless graffiti comes as various other places in Blantyre were vandalised in recent days.

Order is now restored, the mess not even up for a day…..but shame that it had to involve decent hard working people to fix this, who could have otherwise been spending quality time with their families tonight.

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