Thanking David Moon

Warm and sincere thanks go out today to PC David Moon, Blantyre’s community Police officer who is moving on.

The well known, hard working officer has served our community for the last 12 years but has now landed himself a new job within the force, but outwith Blantyre. His new job will see him more desk based, with some more sociable shifts than perhaps he’s been used to!

David has worked tirelessly with children in Blantyre Schools, gaining respect of many young people and teachers alike. His commitment was recognised in Summer 2019 when he gained a Divisional Recognition award for keeping people safe in our community.

David finishes up in Blantyre on 27th November and his role is expected to be filled by somebody else. Speaking to him yesterday, he told us, ” I can honestly say that I am going to miss the place and the people.

A regular attendee who worked with several community groups, we know from experience just how much effort he puts in to make Blantyre a better, safer place and we for one will be sad to lose such a valued contact.

A Blantyre Community Committee spokesperson added, “We’re sad to hear that David is moving away. He’s been a valuable asset in being able to make our outdoor gala and Christmas events run smoothly and safely over the years. His friendly demeanour and willingness to help is going to be missed greatly.”

May we take this opportunity to thank him on behalf of all community groups, organisations, businesses and residents for all his efforts over the years and wish him all the best for the future.

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