Work at St Joseph’s Site Commences on Monday

Work is set to start on a major development to deliver South Lanarkshire’s new health and social care hub and 45 new council homes.

The project in the heart of Blantyre saw significant public support in response to community engagement including well attended public events held during July 2019. This exercise highlighted some practical local concerns that helped shape the final site plans.

The new housing and care hub, which will support intermediate care and include a centre of excellence for health and social care practice, is being built on the former site of St Joseph’s Primary School.

South Lanarkshire Council told Blantyre Telegraph earlier today, “The contractor Cruden Building is due on site on Monday 30 November with the build expected to last around 18 months. As you are no doubt aware access to the site will be from Joanna Terrace during the build.”

The care hub will deliver short term care that is designed to get people back to their own home whenever possible instead of being moved into long-term care or having an extended stay in hospital. 

Construction for the £16 million project is being carried out by Cruden Building, it is expected around two dozen people will work on the site initially with the total rising to 70 at the peak of the estimated 18 month build.

South Lanarkshire Council Chair of Housing and Technical Resources Councillor Josh Wilson said: “I am delighted to see work getting underway on this site. We have already successfully delivered a number of our new housing developments across South Lanarkshire with Cruden Building and we know they will deliver the highest quality homes for local families.

“The project is supported by Scottish Government Affordable Housing Supply funding and the housing on this site will be the first to deliver a unique mix that includes technology enabled homes. These will offer the council and the community a new housing option that can support families and individuals with more complex needs to live with the highest possible degree of independence close to family and friends.”

Chair of South Lanarkshire Social Work Councillor John Bradley said: “Our health and social care hub on this site will deliver a modern and innovative centre for delivering care and community support in South Lanarkshire. More than that it will, I am sure, be a source of some pride to the people of Blantyre to lay claim to what is set to be a centre of excellence for professional development and training in caring careers.

Executive Director of Housing and Technical Services Daniel Lowe said: “We know that while the site itself is fairly extensive it is quite enclosed and we have been working and planning with our contractors Cruden Building to keep disruption to a minimum for the local community. In addition we will be distributing information to surrounding homes and businesses to ensure they know who they can contact and how should they wish to discuss any aspect of the project as work proceeds.”

Director of Health and Social Care Val de Souza said: “We really listened to local opinion during the engagement exercise and I attended the public events myself to hear firsthand what people were saying. 

“People of Blantyre were supportive of the aims of this project although there were some legitimate local concerns expressed which, as I have previously said, we have worked hard to address in delivering  the revised plans which now move into the construction phase.

“Once completed this hub will offer new opportunities to support people to live in their own homes, in the communities they know and love. And at times when a higher level of professional intervention is unavoidable it will help us be more responsive and flexible todeliver and plan care that will be designed around the best all round package for the individual.”  

Cruden Building Partnering & Procurement Director Gordon Lee said: “Cruden Building is delighted to be working with South Lanarkshire Council on this prestigious development. As with all of our projects, the site will be registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme and this will ensure that disruption to the surrounding area is kept to a minimum. A detailed Traffic Management Plan will also be implemented to ensure that all vehicular and pedestrian traffic can move safely around the perimeter of the site. 

“As with all of our developments, we will be creating employment and training opportunities for South Lanarkshire residents.  This includes local jobs, apprenticeships, work placements , careers events and training opportunities. We will also work closely with the school to help with educational projects.” 

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