Blantyre Scouts Activity Day

Members of 3rd Blantyre scout group enjoyed a brilliant activity and conservation day at an area of local woodland frequented by the group.

Due to the covid restrictions members of the group have been meeting weekly outdoors honing their outdoor skills. But Last weekend the entire group, beavers, cubs, scouts and explorers, held an activity and conservation day.

This was carefully planned to ensure adherence to the current restrictions and the different sections were at different areas at different times to maintain their ” section bubble”.

During the day the groups practiced firelighting, outdoor cooking, cleared out bird boxes in preparation for next season, navigation, pioneering and planted over 130 trees to enhance the local environment.

To top it all off…Donations for the local foodbank were also collected from participants resulting in a substantial donation with plenty of Christmas treats for members of the community!

Well done everybody.

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