Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh’, the food and grocery service from retail giant, Amazon is now in our area in Central Scotland!

The service recently started at meaning you can now do your food shopping online. Amazon is now taking on the supermarkets, promising affordable prices and quick delivery, quicker again for Prime Members.

With over 10,000 items to choose from including fresh, chilled and frozen food, it works in conjunction with Morrisons. At the moment, like us, you may not associate Amazon with food shopping, so we decided to give it a try and do a review below.

As an Amazon Prime member we already enjoy streaming services, same day delivery on products, hard drive storage and more, so knowing we would get fast delivery on food too, was interesting.

Review – How did it fare?

Yesterday, Friday afternoon at 5pm, we went to and clicked on ‘Fresh’ and added food and drink items to our basket. It was really easy to do, showed all prices, (which did look affordable) and liked that we could easily create shopping lists to be saved for next time.

Paying online was easy too, Amazon, simply using the card already registered to the account. We spent £49.05 and weren’t charged any delivery fees. We added instructions for the driver to find the house, which were saved for next time.

At 9.20pm, just 4 and a half hours later, all the groceries arrived in paper shopping bags, the driver unloading from the vehicle and leaving them on our doorstep. Eager to see if everything was there, we counted them, and everything was. All the best before dates on fresh items were dated 15th – 21st December, welcome news seeing them for next week and beyond. The fruit and vegetables looked fresh and in nice condition. It was nice not having to drag bulky or heavy items in trolleys or to cars.

All in all, our experience was really good. Recommended. However….

Our one and only thing to add to all this, is that we won’t be doing this all the time! Whilst it absolutely freed up time, we are all too aware Amazon are such a large company and certainly for us, we would still prefer first and foremost to shop local in small batches, wherever possible.

Have your Say. Have YOU used Amazon Fresh yet? Will it change how YOU shop?

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