Anybody Found a Phone?

Anybody found a Samsung Note 10+ phone?

LOST!! Samsung Note 10+ in the vicinity of Station Road estate (most Likely Ennisfree Road, but could be anywhere within the boundary of Main St and Coatshill Avenue, Blantyre.

At around 2.30-3.00 yesterday, Friday 11th December 2020, a local man had a flat tyre, and placed his phone on the car roof in Ennisfree Road. Whilst chatting to a neighbour for the next 15-20 minutes, he forgot about the phone until turning into the Main Street.

He is hoping good Samaritans still exist! The man is unemployed and attempting to set up his own business so this phone, like for many people, is a lifeline. The battery was very low.

Please comment below if you know more or have found it. Share away.

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