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Lowlife Acts Fraudulently

Today, some lowlife tried to PRETEND they’re us (Blantyre Telegraph) by harassing a member of the public by telephone, in an unsuccessful attempt to get a story or find information. That call left the family annoyed and angry. So, let’s clarify to ALL readers… Please be assured, as per the last 11 years, we DON’T […]

Lost Your Phone?

An iPhone was found on the path which runs along the edge of Priory Bridge Estate, parallel to the Blantyre Farm Road on Friday (22/04/2022). It is very badly damaged, but the owner may be able to claim insurance or maybe retrieve the data from the phone? Is it yours? It’s probably an iPhone XR […]

Lost Your Phone?

Anybody lost their phone? This one was found near Blantyre Leisure Centre today, Sunday 3rd April 2022. The battery was flat and the screen is smashed and not turning properly on. It’s a black Samsung galaxy J3. Even if damaged or unwanted, the owner may want to retrieve it to ensure the data is properly […]