Mobile Scam Warning

With UK mobile phones being alerted at 3pm today by the Nations first alert test, phone users are being warned in advance to look out for scams. The alert, intended to be a short loud noise and a screen message, will NOT ask for your details or ask you to contact anybody else either by phone call or text.

With such a public test taking place, concerns are valid as scammers will no doubt use this opportunity to target vulnerable people.

Advice Direct Scotland say people should be wary of requests from anyone claiming to be connected to the alerts system asking for remote access to mobile phones or other devices.

The charity, which runs the national consumer advice service, also stressed that any requests for personal or financial information through text message, email, or by telephone claiming to be related to testing activity would be bogus.

This afternoon’s alert will be a test, and people can swipe away the message or click their home screen to continue using their phone as normal.

If you’re in a public place when the alert goes off on phones all around, this may be a strange experience.


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