Lowlife Acts Fraudulently

Today, some lowlife tried to PRETEND they’re us (Blantyre Telegraph) by harassing a member of the public by telephone, in an unsuccessful attempt to get a story or find information. That call left the family annoyed and angry.

So, let’s clarify to ALL readers…

Please be assured, as per the last 11 years, we DON’T have a telephone for this page and will strictly NEVER contact anybody. If Blantyre Telegraph telephones you…. (without you first asking to be called)……you’re being scammed.

We’ll NEVER call you.

We’re a charitable page and would NEVER harass anybody for a story. Remember too, we NEVER name people in our articles without being in the public domain or with their direct permission.

With help, we’re now tracing the number and reserve the right to seek legal proceedings for this “scummy” activity.


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