Lockdown Announcement Official Update

The Scottish Government has this afternoon provided an important update on the status of the current lockdown.

In an announcement this afternoon, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon addressed colleagues at Holyrood and acting upon latest medical advice, provided an update for Scotland. The main points of which follow:


Current Lockdown as things are in Scotland does need to remain in place until at least the end of February 2021. However there are signs of things improving.

Average daily cases numbers have halved in the last week, a good indication that lockdown measures ARE working. If progress continues, a careful and gradual easing may be possible at the start of March.


A managed quarantine will now be imposed to anybody travelling to Scotland. Further details on this will be available soon.


Pressure on NHS continues to be severe, still higher than the high point of April last year. ICU cases seem to have peaked and progress is surely down to compliance with lockdown restrictions. Case numbers still remain high.


610,678 adults in Scotland have been vaccinated as of yesterday. Scotland is on track to have all over 70 year olds vaccinated. Those aged 60-69 will shortly be called upon for their vaccines.

Stick with it everybody! Better times will be coming.

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