Happy 21st Birthday Robbie Lees

Congratulations go to well known Blantyre man Robbie Lees, who turns 21 years old today, Monday 8th February 2021.

Robbie, the owner of Blantyre Tree Care is pictured a couple of years ago clearing leaves at High Blantyre and also pictured receiving a Vaslan Summit Award for Volunteering.

His family are very proud, his mother Tracey taking time to say, “Happy 21st Birthday son! Hope you have a great day under the circumstances and we’ll get a proper celebration when this pandemic is all over . Lots of love mum and dad xx”

We know his parents are extremely proud of Robbie and the kind, young man he has become. Have a great day Robbie!

Pictures Courtesy: Blantyre Telegraph & T. Lees

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