Got a Muddy Pooch?

Like many businesses in this pandemic, Allers Farm Kennels at High Blantyre has been forced to adapt. They’re delighted to announce they’ve now installed a brand new self service dog wash!

It’s really easy. The machine uses high quality shampoo and conditioner. Once you’ve washed your dog, just rinse and dry using the attachments.

So grab a towel, and your pooch and head to Allers!

More info:

•       Do I need to book a slot to use the Self service dog wash?
       No, this is a walk in service.
•       Do I need to bring anything with me?
       Just your mucky pup and a towel, The machine has high quality shampoo and conditioner setup and ready to go.
•       Is the dog wash easy to use?
       Yes, very simple. take a couple of minutes to read over the instructions on the wall before you start and you will see just how simple it is.
•       Can I wash a puppy?
       Yes, as long as their vaccinations are up to date.
•       Can you wash my dog for me?
       No, I’m afraid as much as we all love using the machine, it’s self service.
•       What happens if I need more time?
       When the machine starts to beep you have 60 seconds left, if you need more time add a £1 coin for an extra 2 minutes.

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