Donation to Easter Egg Appeal

Another massive thanks to all Blantyre Telegraph Supporters! As well as the £230 donated for the Miners Memorial we posted about yesterday, we brought forward end of the month donations and managed to donate £200 to the Blantyre Easter Egg Appeal. Your fantastic £1.79 donations for this month went straight back into the local community!

Thanks to YOU, we were able to donate £200.00 to the Blantyre Easter Egg Appeal, a massive co-ordinated effort to provide an Easter Egg for every child in Blantyre. The chaps at the West End Bar graciously accepted this donation from Blantyre Telegraph readers and will use it for buying some kids activity packs given they already have thousands of Easter Eggs in storage, kindly donated elsewhere in the community.

It’s been a BIG week for Blantyre Telegraph donations, so once again, if you’re supporting Blantyre Telegraph by paying £1.79 each month for access to our extra news features, it’s sincerely appreciated!

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