Memorial Fund Grows Again

Fundraising for remembrance plaques for the High Blantyre Miner’s Memorial took another great step forward today, thanks to a very generous donation from the Blantyre Livingstone Memorial Parish Church.

The Church is the latest in a line of community groups, businesses and individuals who have been donating to help raise £10,000 with a specific goal of remembering each of the miners who lost their lives in the Blantyre Pit Disasters of 1877, 1878 and 1879. The project, a three-way joint venture between the Miners Welfare, James Small and Blantyre Telegraph aims for the first time to specifically name each of the miners and incorporate memorials for other Blantyre significant mining disasters.

Earlier today, Minister Murdo C Macdonald and church representative, Gillian Gray took time today to drop by the Miner’s Welfare at Calder Street to hand over a cheque for £250.00. The kind donation was warmly received and added to the growing sum of four figures already raised. Gillian told us, “Each year we like to make a charitable donation and we felt this was a worthy cause.”

The project is well underway. Pink Granite has been chosen to match the existing memorial obelisk at High Blantyre Cemetery and with council permissions already in place, discussions are now ongoing with masonry contractors in relation to doing the work and engraving all the names and ages. All being well, it’s hoped this respectful addition to the memorial can be unveiled in October this year, providing a long lasting and permanent legacy and significant point of remembrance for the 240 local men and boys who lost their lives during those years. The youngest just 12 years of age.

On behalf of the Miners Welfare, Jimmy Small and Blantyre Telegraph, sincere thanks are passed to the Church and congregation for their kindness.

Photo Courtesy: Blantyre Telegraph

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