Setting BOCS Group ‘free’

We’re announcing tonight that as part of a streamlining of several pages & groups we manage, we have “Set free” the BOCS group, unlinking it from Blantyre Telegraph’s administrative control.

From today, Sunday 23rd May, we’ve passed full admin control of the group over to Mick McCann, who, along with some fantastic moderators will continue to run the local covid support group and steer the community through the remainder of the pandemic.

Blantyre Telegraph set up the “Blantyre Official Coronavirus Support Group” a week BEFORE lockdown in March 2020 seeing things go rapidly south. Throughout March, April and May 2020, we witnessed Blantyre volunteers coming together in the one location and over 3,000 people joined the group to offer support to the community or read what was happening. It was and still is a vital support service for many people.

In those initial months, we quickly realised there are far more capable, professional volunteers out there than ourselves and as such, took a back seat from the summer. Let’s face it, it’s been Mick’s group for the last year.
So, tonight, (after giving Mick some advance warning), we’ve unlinked the group association with Blantyre Telegraph and it will now continue as a stand alone community group run by the same volunteers. May we take this opportunity to thank all the people who have contributed so far on BOCS, for their incredible ongoing efforts and helping spread so much information and kindness.

BOCS continues here >>>

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