Hamilton & Blantyre Litter Pickers Group

Just look at this! The ‘Hamilton and Blantyre Litter Pickers’ group just had their first organised litter pick in High Blantyre & Hillhouse this morning.

At the boundary between Hamilton and Blantyre, just behind Redburn, 11 people turned out for a litter pick at Udston and Glenlee Woodlands. They collected about 40 bags of litter plus an assortment of other discarded items.

Volunteer Chris Hatton added, “It was an amazing effort and I think everyone came away with a real sense of achievement.”

Well done to all involved and on such a warm day too! Why not join the group and organise a litter pick event your area? https://www.facebook.com/groups/1196638204090058/?ref=share

Photo Courtesy: C Hatton

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