Terminal One Minibus Fundraiser

Terminal One, the youth centre based at Logan Street Blantyre is raising money to buy a minibus.

They’re hoping to raise £2000 to take the children and teenagers on outings. Volunteer Elizabeth Freer told us, “This minibus is to give our young people a chance of going some much-needed day trips especially throughout the summer holidays. So, any support on this would be greatly appreciated. “

“Our young people would love to experience new and exciting places and the minibus would allow us to take them on trips and provide long-lasting memories for them.

“We want to make sure every young person has the same opportunities to access our services and experience new exciting places. So, any support on this would be greatly appreciated.”

We’ve boosted their efforts by donating £200 today from July’s Supporter Subscriptions, taking the total raised to just under halfway already!

Here’s the link to their Just Giving page justgiving.com/campaign/terminaloneyc 

C’mon Blantyre! Let’s get this sorted for Terminal One.

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