Kara’s Greenhall Cleanup

It’s always the same when the sun comes out at the start of the school summer holidays. Bottles, cans, mess and litter discarded all over the Calder and Greenhall.

Like this mess left by a group of youths at High Blantyre on Sunday night. No regard for others leaving this mess of empty alcohol bottles and cans lying all around Greenhall Park.

A few local people were so disgusted at the youths, that they went back later taking it upon themselves to clean up the mess, to ensure the park continued to look its best. Underage drinking has certainly caught the attention of authorities too as patrols to known ‘hotspots’ ramp up.

For now, it was local girl Kara, aged 10 and a few ‘helpers’ who picked everything up, bagging it and leaving it for collection for the council. Well done that lassie! It’s great to see that some youngsters have such pride in their hometown.

Photos Courtesy: L O Brien

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