267 Bus tae Blantyre

George Square in Glasgow over the last few days had an American makeover to look like 1969 New York City. As we reported at the beginning of last week, it was all do to with the filming of the latest Indiana Jones movie.

However, the location made the news yesterday when one eagle eyed Twitter user noticed there was a “bit of a scene spoiler”. Something that shouldn’t be in New York! None other that the 267 Bus tae Blantyre!

Sharing a picture of one of the New York subway entrances, he wrote: “Howlin they’ve turned town Intae New York but there’s the 267 tae Blantyre ruining it.”

And Twitter users were quick to respond, with one adding: “Calling at Maddison Sq Garden, Oatlands, Central Park sorry Richmond Park and Blantyre via Times Square and Cambuslang.”

The Square is doubling as the Astronauts “return home” ticker parade in 1969.

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