Bee Rescue: Ah’ll bee Back!

There’s a wee story we’ve been following this week.

The story started up at Park House on Sydes Brae on Thursday evening where the resident was shocked to see a swarm of bees on her stone gate pillars.!The bees were in one place, congregated. After making enquiries locally, the bees were tracked down to the Wilkie family at Bardykes Farm, who noticed their beehives were “much emptier than normal.”

So a rescue mission was set into motion, as Sandy Wilkie and a select couple of professional ‘helpers”. Namely, Scott Craig who jumped in to his car at 10pm, came to Bardykes Farm with all his beekeeping gear and Sandy Wilkie and Craig headed up to Sydes Brae. For the next couple of hours watching the expert at work, the bees were encouraged back into transport and most importantly, the Queen, out of the hollow gatepost into his portable hive – he managed most of them but had to set up a “tube system” to find the Queen. 

The operation lasted until 1am in the morning, with bees safely back to their Bardykes hive.

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