A Thank You

We’re trying to track down a good Samaritan who came to the assistance of a local lady this morning, Saturday 24 July 2021.

Reader Lynne Orbino suffers from FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) and unfortunately she fell out of her car and into the middle of the road, whilst trying to get to her walking stick.

Lynne told us, “After landing face down on the tarmac, I heard a woman shouting “are you ok? I’m coming”. This lady ran to chap my house door to alert my husband, then came back to attend to me. While she was checking and comforting me, my husband ran out and another lovely lady appeared to see if they needed help. They eventually got me to my feet and then this caring lady helped my husband to get me into the house and into my chair. Not an easy thing to do.”

Lynne continued, “I am now a bit battered ,bruised and bleeding, but safe in my chair. In the shock and fuss I didn’t remember the lady’s name, but I remember she said she was from Ireland and staying with her sister at the other end of our street, Berkley Drive. I would just like to thank her properly and to say that I’m so grateful that someone was there to help me and pick me up out of the road, or god knows what would have happened. Thank you.”

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