Beets for Beef – Flavour Enhancing Sauce

Fans of flavour and spice will be keen to get their hands on a brand new Scottish hot sauce specially designed for Scotch Beef – one of the country’s best-loved products – as it launches today!

A limited number of bottles of Scotch Beets Hot Sauce will be available to purchase at Scotch Butchers Club member Strachan Craft Butchers in Blantyre, with profits being donated to local charities. 

Scotch Beets Hot Sauce has been created in a collaboration between award-winning hot sauce maker, Tom’s Sauces, and Scotch Beef. It represents an industry-first, as the first hot sauce designed specifically to be paired with Scotch Beef.

The sauce packs a flavour punch with a mouth-watering array of ingredients including Scottish beetroot, spicy Scotch Bonnet chillies and zesty and fresh ginger root. Red wine vinegar infused with fennel seeds adds a bold, rich and summery base, perfectly complimenting the velvety beetroot texture.

Adding the hot sauce to Scotch Beef enhances the meat’s natural flavour profile, which includes a rich, buttery depth and an earthy taste, and comes with the added guarantee that the beef is fully traceable, local and quality assured. The Scotch Bonnet chillies give a fiery heat while not overpowering the meat, balanced with the sweet and tangy flavours of ginger and garlic.

Scotch Beets Hot Sauce launches during a summer unlike any other, seeing family and friend get-togethers, several major sporting events, and staycations on the agenda. Top quality food is at the heart of it all, with the hot sauce providing the perfect companion for BBQ cookouts, parties and trips away, or for simply adding a twist to midweek meals.

Lesley Cameron, Director of Marketing and Communications at Quality Meat Scotland, the industry body that promotes Scotch Beef PGI, said: “In recent years, hot sauces have skyrocketed in popularity as the perfect way to elevate burgers, steaks, sandwiches and more. We thought it was about time Scotch Beef had a sauce befitting of its flavour, working with the incredible Tom’s Sauces to design Scotch Beets Hot Sauce – made from Scottish ingredients by Scottish suppliers.

“Adding just a drop of the sauce to your favourite Scotch Beef recipes opens a whole new dimension of flavour, becoming something of a secret weapon for home cooks. It really has to be tasted to be believed!”

Tom Green, head sauce maker at Tom’s Sauces, said: “Who said beetroot was boring? This was an exciting and creative challenge to showcase Scotch Beef PGI with a totally distinctive hot sauce which we’re sure customers will appreciate and enjoy. This partnership with Scottish producers has created a unique summer condiment rich in texture and flavour. Chuck the ketchup because this is your new favourite sauce.”

Further bottles will be available through a giveaway on the Make It Scotch Instagram channel, @makeitscotch.

For more information on Scotch Beef and Quality Meat Scotland, visit  

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