Blantyre Dampness Misery

A Blantyre mother is at the ‘end of her tether’ after her complaints to the council about dampness in her family home seem to go unaddressed.

The woman, who lives in Small Crescent, Blantyre has been appalled for many months at the shocking amount of rising dampness in her home, particularly in the bedrooms where her young children sleep.

After contacting local councillors and a local MP, to be fair the council came out, but frustratingly only painted over the walls, not actually attending to the root cause of the problem. The dampness was back in weeks through new paintwork. The resident told us, “All the council want to do is come out and put paint over it and within weeks it’s back. We’re all having to sleep in a living room because, as you can see from the pictures the rooms are not in any way liveable or suitable to sleep in.”

Dampness in this home unfortunately appears to be contributing towards the three children’s ill health. The distraught woman who has been fighting to be rehoused for over a year added, “My second youngest is now on a asthma tablet through all of this. My youngest daughter is now on her third steroid within a month”

As these pictures show, the dampness is bad and has seen the family lose toys, furniture, clothes as well as a constant expense in trying to redecorate. Friends of this family pointed out there are some prisoners who live in better comfort.

The family have asked for this story and these pictures to be posted in a last escalated attempt at getting the council to do the right thing and fix the problem once and for all as soon as possible.


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