Path to Qualification?

Scotland play Moldova today, in what could be one of their most important football matches in a generation!

Scotland is on the cusp of World Cup Qualification (especially after that last game!) but has still a little more to do. Here’s how it could pan out.

  • A Scotland win guarantees second place and a draw would be enough if Israel don’t win in Austria later on Friday
  • If Israel win that game and Scotland don’t, Clarke’s side will likely need to take something against Denmark on Monday
  • If Israel lose, Clarke’s side are guaranteed a play-off place regardless
  • The game in Moldova has no impact on the play-off seeding, but Scotland would likely need to avoid defeat against the Danes at Hampden to earn a home semi-final

Kickoff is at 5pm tonight, Friday 12th November 2021. C’mon Scotland! Gie it laldy!

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