Power Outages Update

Households throughout Lanarkshire are being affected by power outages tonight due to the current Storm.

You may be experiencing power cuts, flickering or dimmed lights. Sorry to say, this looks set to continue well into tomorrow. Scottish Power Energy Networks have provided an update for this area as follows:

“This is an update for customers in the Lanarkshire area. Due to the exceptional weather as a result of storm Arwen, we are sorry to advise that we now expect your power to be restored by 4pm on the 27th November.

Our engineers are all deployed to faults where they can safely complete repairs, however, most faults will involve climbing in high winds and we unfortunately will not be able to assess and repair the damage on these until tomorrow. We will continue to assess the situation overnight and where possible restore supplies sooner if we can safely do so. If this situation changes we will keep you updated via our message service and web page. We sincerely apologise for the loss of power and thank you for your patience whilst this incident is ongoing.”

Are YOU affected by this tonight? Postcodes as follows:

G657HH, G720AT, G720DH, G720DJ, G720DN, G720DW, G720HD, G720JA, G720JD, G720TJ, G720TL, G720TN, G720TP, G720TR, G720TT, G720WW, G721AA, G729AA, G729RY, G729SP, G729SS, G729ST, G729SU, G729SX, G729SY, G729SZ, G729TA, G729TB, G729TD, G729TF, G729TG, G729TS, G729TW, G729TX, G729TZ, G729UA, G729UB, G729UD, G729UE, G729UF, G729UY, G729WW, G741AA, G742LE, G75

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