TVs switching on at night

We’ve been hearing of something strange happening in Blantyre this last week. (Stranger than usual, that is!) Several reports of resident’s TV’s coming on by themselves during the night!

The weird phenomenon has been reported by different readers in the Blantyre area over the festive holiday period and it’s unknown what’s causing it. In each case, it’s been a smart tv and bizarrely the TV has switched on by itself after the residents went to bed., i.e in the middle of the night. It’s given those who experienced it a fright, if only as the TV comes with sound blaring in the middle of the night, forcing families to get up to investigate.

One person suggested it may be due to more people than usual being up late and using their remote controls, perhaps affecting neighbouring houses? Another wasn’t sure if it was caused by a power cut. Whilst a power cut has happened this week, surely that wouldn’t cause a TV to switch ON?!

So, putting it out there. Has anybody else experienced this in the last week or so? Any thoughts on whats causing it?

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