Scotland Lifts Many Covid Restrictions

Rather BIG announcement for Scotland today as the Scottish Government announced the lifting of many restirctions from as early as next week, on Monday 24th January.

Especially good news for the hospitality and entertainment industries as we enter a calmer period of this panedmic with:

  1. No attendance limits on numbers of people at indoor events
  2. Non-professional indoor contact sports can resume
  3. No further need for table service, meaning getting drinks at bars again
  4. Nightclubs can reopen
  5. The three household limit is to be removed

With falling case numbers there is growing optimism of getting back to normality. However people are still being asked to work from home if possible and to take lateral flow tests before meeting with others. Mask wearing will continue for now on public transport and in shops.

We all still need to play our part in helping to slow the spread of the virus as we now enter a phase where the Government map out how we live with this virus.

As business leaders welcomed the announcement, there was also a general cross party acknowledgment that this was a good move. Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said the changes would “offer hope to a lot of people who can once again look forward to getting some more normality back in their lives”.


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