Power Outages & Cuts

People in the Blantyre and surrounding area have been experiencing power outages, surges and complete power cuts today. Some still ongoing tonight in the G32 and G72 postcodes.

Power surges have caused issues with electrical appliances and house alarms. Power cuts have left some people without electricity for many hours today, Monday 24th January 2022.

These were unexpected and Scottish Power had no advance warning of this and only became aware of it at 3:40pm

An update has been posted this evening. Engineers have been on site most of the afternoon and evening dealing with a complex underground cable repair. Some power has been restored but Scottish Power anticipate the issues will continue until around 9.30pm. Known postcodes affected include G720JF, G720JG, G720PE, G720WW, and G720XX

Have your say. Has this happened to YOU today? Which streets are still out?


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