BSA Land Acquisition

Blantyre Soccer Academy, based at Rowan Hall had some highly anticipated and welcome news this week as they discovered their approach to acquire adjacent land to their building was approved.

The purchase of the land opposite their community hub just off Fernslea Avenue was done through community asset transfer from SLC, with the Council recognising that the Academy would be best suited to managing and developing this land.

The application was approved on Friday 14th January proposing to change the use from communal open space to community garden with the erection of perimeter fencing.

BSA spokesperson, Jimmy Whelan told Blantyre Telegraph, “Following another long arduous journey with the process of another community asset transfer which included public consultations, submission of an asset transfer request, planning and roads consent we are pleased to have succeeded in our purchase of the land opposite our community hub in Blantyre.”

“Our outline plan is to fence off the area an create another more open community growing area to compliment our existing Covid Garden.”

Blantyre Telegraph have kindly been invited to participate as a partner to this community project.

BSA hope their future development, which will be firmly as a priority to serve the whole community, will help create a better and brighter Blantyre. #arealcommunityclub

Congratulations are offered to all involved.


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