Bravery of Beth McKenzie

As teenagers throughout Scotland continue their exams revision, one particular brave Blantyre lass deserves recognition for her bravery in facing her Higher exams after such a life changing operation.

Sixteen year old Beth McKenzie from Blantyre had a brain tumour removed, the size of an orange after experiencing headaches and pain behind her eyes. Last year, Beth was admitted to the emergency department at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow where she was handed into the care of neurosurgeon Roddy O’Kane.

Beth, ever thoughtful and kind had written a careful note for her surgeon before the operation, saying that if she “died on the operating table, it wasn’t his fault. He was trying his best.”

Thankfully, the 8 hour operation was a success and Beth is now studying hard for her Higher exams – just 10 months after going through this trauma. She is understandably very grateful to her surgeon and to all those who helped her through recovery.

We were incredibly touched hearing of this story and all that Beth has bravely been through.

As the family turn a positive corner, Beth’s mother Clare told Blantyre Telegraph this week, “She deserves the recognition for all she went through and especially how noble and brave she was throughout it. Beth is now at full fitness and has returned to her football at Rutherford Girls.”

Here’s wishing Beth a continued recovery, good health and and all the very best for the future.

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