SLC Officials Elected

South Lanarkshire Council’s political and civic leaders were duly elected this morning, Wednesday 18th May 2022.

At the first meeting of South Lanarkshire Council since local elections took place, the first task was to vote in the new administration. It’s all change at the top, as South Lanarkshire authorities welcomed new Provost, Councillor Margaret Cooper (Independent).

Blantyre’s own Councillor Bert Thomson (Labour) has been elected as Depute Provost of South Lanarkshire Council. A huge congratulations to Bert on his new role.

Councillor Joe Fagan (Labour) has been elected as Leader of South Lanarkshire Council. Councillor Gerry Convery (Labour) has been elected as Depute Leader of South Lanarkshire Council

The news may be a surprise to many people who expected the SNP to have these senior positions given their leading result in the recent local elections. However, today Labour worked alongside Liberal Democrats, an Independent and the Tories to form a Unionist led pact, successfully denying SNP the chance to run the council.

Congratulations to all individuals elected into council roles. Now their hard work and fulfilment of promises made in elections, begin.


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