Livingstone & Lion Statue Repairs

It was a lovely, warm day today as Blantyre welcomed a special visitor.

Acclaimed sculptor Garth Knowles, who created the well known ‘Livingstone and Lion’ statue at David Livingstone Birthplace (with Academy Award winning film producer Ray Harryhausen), was on the site today with his son, Ben.

The father and son duo were however both working, making repairs to the statue, and was the first time Gareth had been back to Blantyre for many years. The lion statue was first unveiled on 7th April 2004, a popular tourist attraction with visitors to the park grounds. It has also recently had planting placed around it. Gareth was born in 1965 but met his hero Ray Harryhausen in 1992 and it would take a further 12 years before the vision of the Livingstone Statue was realised.

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Photo Courtesy: David Livingstone Birthplace


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