Prepare for Digital Switchover

Residents across South Lanarkshire are urged to be aware the analogue telephone system will be switched off in the UK in 2025.

Telephone providers across the UK are moving their customers from analogue landlines to digital hubs. All landlines will be switched to a digital network by 2025 at the latest with many telecom customers being transferred by 2023.

In particular, the change will have an impact on service users who currently use the council community alarm service.

Most of the community alarms provided by South Lanarkshire Council need to be connected to an analogue landline and are not compatible with digital hubs at this time. As a result, existing community alarms may not work if your telecom provider transfers you to a digital telephone line without an upgrade to your alarm equipment.

Soumen Sengupta, Director of Health and Social Care, said: “We are committed to supporting – and providing reassurance – to our Community Alarm service users through this transition. In preparation for the switchover we have already taken steps to write to all community alarm service users, to ensure that they are prepared and know what to do should they be advised that they are being moved to a digital line.”

Councillor Margaret Walker, Chair of South Lanarkshire Council’s Social Work Resources Committee said “Embracing the benefits of digital technology for the benefit of local people is a priority for the council. Our staff are already working hard to ensure that all of our community alarm service users have the new digital replacements in time for the switchover.”

Some telephone providers are already switching customers in South Lanarkshire to digital hubs. If your telephone provider attempts to do this it is important to make them aware you have a community alarm and ask them to delay your upgrade. You should also let the council know immediately so they can take steps to ensure your community alarm service is maintained.

You can contact the council by calling 0303 123 1008 and press 1 for Care at Home, then select the area you live in when prompted: press 1 for Clydesdale and Larkhall, press 2 for East Kilbride, Strathaven, press 3 for Hamilton, Blantyre and Bothwell and press 4 for Rutherglen and Cambuslang.

Analogue systems will no longer be sold by retailers from September 2023 in advance of the signal being turned off.

You can find out more about the process by visiting the Openreach website

The council has recently become aware of a scam being circulated in some areas which is targeting community alarm service users. This scam involves false phone calls being made to community alarm service users asking them to pay for a new alarm as their current system is obsolete. Neither the council nor its partners will do this, and no-one should provide bank or financial information to anyone who gets in contact about the move to digital.


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