Services & Communities – Have your Say

Views are being sought on two strategic plans that will be key to the services that are delivered across South Lanarkshire. 

And there is just over two weeks to have your say, as the deadline for responses is Friday 17 June.

More than 3,300 local people have already taken part in consultations that have led to the creation of a draft new Council Plan and a draft new Community Plan. 

The Council Plan will set out the priorities for the area and how local services will be delivered by the council. 

The Community Plan will show how a wide range of organisations and groups, including the council, police, NHS, and voluntary groups, will work together on behalf of local people. 

To ensure both draft plans deliver what our communities told us they wanted, a second period of consultation is now underway. Please take part by offering your views on both the Council Plan and the Community Plan 

The two plans have a shared vision – “to improve the lives and life prospects of everyone in South Lanarkshire” – with a range of priorities and planned outcomes across three broad themes of People, Progress and Planet. 

The Council Plan will run to 2027 and covers the work carried out across Education, Social Work, Housing, Finance, and Community and Enterprise – so, everything from schools to care facilities and council houses to waste collection and recycling. 

The Community Plan will run to 2032 and is shared by members of the South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership, which brings together local agencies and organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Full detail of the draft Community Plan is available here and all the information you need on the Council Plan is here.


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