Signing up for Free Bus Travel

Young people across South Lanarkshire are being encouraged to sign up for a free bus travel scheme.

The Young Persons’ Free Bus Travel Scheme,, is now live and has been made easier to signup. The website contains lots of helpful information for families and young people about free bus travel, how it works, how to apply, the benefits and some tips for travelling safely too.

If you live in Scotland and are between five and 21 years old, you can apply for a card which entitles you to free bus travel. Parents must apply for anyone who is under 16.

And if you are aged 16-21 and already have a Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC) or non-Young Scot branded NEC the Transport Scot Pass Collect app lets you transfer the free bus travel onto your existing NEC card without needing to apply for a new or replacement card.


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