Kayden Smiling Again

There’s a wee local boy smiling again and its down to Blantyre Telegraph subscribed Supporters!

Remember Kayden, the six year old boy who was run down by a vehicle last week in Coatshill? Well, he’s now out of hospital and doing well, making a good recovery.

We popped by last Sunday hoping to put a smile on his face and gave mum Lisa, a BIG bag of toys, treats and goodies. Kayden was delighted as you can see, unwrapping books, sweets, lego set and a few dinosaur toys.

Those who know this wee boy will know he sadly lost his father, Stephen in 2021 and clearly he’s been through a lot.

His family are most appreciative and along with Kayden want to pass on their thanks to you all. Further awards will be made later this month. Thank you all Supporters for your kind support.

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