RIP Queen Elizabeth II 1926 – 2022

The world is coming to terms this evening following the death of the British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who sadly passed away at Balmoral earlier today. She was remarkably 96 years old.

Whatever your sentiment about the Royal Family, there is no denying the incredible dedication and service Elizabeth gave to this country. A sense of duty, unrivalled and difficult to measure. She was there at all times, attending to royal duties even up to the week of her passing.

Britain has now changed. As the media and TV channels clear their schedules to focus on obituary, the story of her long life and achievements, the British public has been touched with sadness. From the elderly to the very young, a sweeping sense of loss is abundantly clear. Like for example, little Ellie, from Blantyre, who despite only being 6, felt this loss tonight and shared a touching note with us saying, “I am sad because Queen Elizabeth died”.

Things will change after this shock has passed. From the figurehead portraits on the money in our pockets and stamps, patronage, and even the National Anthem which will change to “God Save the King”.

At the moment the Queen died, the throne passed immediately and without ceremony to the heir, Charles, the former Prince of Wales, who it has already been announced will take the name King Charles III. The new King will eventually take the coronation oath in front of the watching world. 

For now, we join many people throughout the country impacted by this sad news. Rest in Peace Elizabeth. Thank you for everything ma’am.


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